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Nougat de Montélimar
Box - Nougat de Montélimar

Because ours is a collection of the finest quality, it's not just nougat; it's nougat de Montélimar from a manufacturer going back as far as 1848. Plus it's the only organic Nougat de Montélimar around. Montélimar is synonymous with nougat and holds to a specific standard which specifies a min % of honey, absolutely no additives, and a 30% minimum quantity of nuts, either peeled almonds or 28% almonds + 2% of skinned pistachio specifically from Sicily.


Montélimar has a long nougat history but became famous during the age of the steam train when aristocrats and gentlemen would head to the South of France on the Paris-Marseille Pullman. Montélimar, positioned half way between Lyon to Marseille, would be where the train stopped for steam and coal, a lengthy process, which was alleviated by the locals rushing up to the carriages with baskets full of Nougat. On the way back the passengers would buy "nougat de Montélimar" as souvenirs for friends and family and Montélimar's reputation was established with tins of nougat found in the farthest reaches of the world. Later in the age of the car Montélimar became a favourite stop on the famous RN7, known as both "la route du soleil" and "la route gastronomique". And this is the quality product you get from the Organic Collection.

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