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Biscuits from Normandy

The Organic Collection of biscuits introduces a range of Continental fine food biscuits to the UK market under one branding, the common thread being one of quality and taste. We use factory-scale bakeries that have rigorous production procedures but also have a strong tradition of quality in their selection of ingredients and in their processes.

French Gallettes
Our French bakery in the heart of the Normandy countryside and was born as a small artisanal bakery with butter, cream, eggs and apples bought in from the local farmers.
In fact the company still uses the famous Normandy butter, Isigny St Mère, which benfits from an AOC label and has an active social and ecological commitment.  We offer French classic, including galettes and petit beurres and are launching in the spring of 2007 two new more modern biscuits – a delicately flavoured lemon and almond cookie and a double-choc cookie. These are definitely the part of the Collection which are not only for Christmas but all year round.


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