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Founded in 1932, our Panettone comes from an industrial bakery in the Veneto area of Italy that is in it’s third generation with the first generation having started the business as a high street bakers and gained a reputation for regional cakes.

Panettone boxed

Panettone itself is said to originate from Milan although it is now the Italian Christmas cake from the top of the boot to its toe - and of course well known worldwide. There are various roots for the product, some going all the way back to a roman bread, leavened and sweetened with honey, but the name seems to be derived from the Milanese dialect meaning luxury bread: “pan del ton”.

Our Panettone is the result of Michel’s personal interest in macrobiotic food and from there in the organic market. It’s a product made entirely from organic ingredients which uses the company’s own natural yeast and the company’s own natural flavouring concentrate made from Italian citrus fruit.

Michel feels that their organic Panettone is more real or genuine in taste terms than the conventional one they produce but, because organic regulations disallow artificial emulsifiers, it can be slightly dryer; and if this happens, it’s a good idea to wrap the Panettone in foil and heat in a medium oven for a minute or two.

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