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Stollenmade with energised water

In Germany it’s a big mistake to claim to make the best stollen available as this honour invariably goes to the mother of whoever it is you’re trying to impress! Outside Germany this is a claim that can stand up.  Ordinary stollen is dry and not too inspiring. Our Stollen is made in fact by quite a huge bakery with 24 hour production schedules but the bakery is entirely dedicated to organic production and what’s more inspired by a disciple of Rudolph Steiner. The Steiner philosophy runs like a rich seam through the company’s processing philosophy with a higher than expected manual participation in the production chain.


Most amazingly, outside the factory stands a big water tower that brings spring water up from a well deep into the ground and then runs it down a series of granite steps, ending with a spiral. This strange structure invigorates and oxygenates the water in line with bio-dynamic principles – and it is this water used in the breads and cakes made by the bakery.

With this much effort going into the water used, it’s not too surprising to see that the company is quite particular about all the other ingredients used, many of which are bio-dynamic. In the case of the Stollen, the finished product is rich and moist, replete with marzipan, candied fruit and rum, a product that is as good, sorry German mums - almost as good – as the best homemade Stollen. An ideal Christmas treat.

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