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Lübeck Marzipanthe champagne of marzipans

Lübeck, an ancient city in Northern Germany and on the Baltic sea, headed the Hanseatic league for several centuries in the middle-ages when it was a wealthy trading port. Today it retains much of its medieval character and is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Local legend claims that during one of the many sieges in the middle ages, the town ran out of provisions, excepting almonds and sugar - and thus was born Lübeck’s reputation for marzipan; in fact Lübeck is to marzipan what champagne is to sparkling wine.


Lübeck marzipan is usually presented in bars or small loaf shapes of various sizes with a thin chocolate casing, it can then be sliced up and shared. Our marzipan is made with a very high percentage of organic almonds (57%) and with organic honey instead of sugar, giving the product a moist and subtler taste, much less sweet than other marzipans. Delicious all year round they are ideal adult Christmas gifts.

Lübeck marzipan
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