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Tradition, taste and the satisfying knowledge that the food you are eating is made from only the finest ingredients makes The Organic Collection a must-have for the Christmas larder. (And a lovely treat year round!)

Chef Antony Worrall Thompson who stocks the Collection in his shop agrees. He says: "Having tried the delicious delicacies hand-picked by the Organic Collection I knew they would be perfect for my customers to stock up before Christmas as gifts or treats. These traditionally produced European specialities are made by artisan workers in ethical work places in the countries of their origin, so you can enjoy them with the minimum of guilt!" 

What better way to ensure that you, your friends and family enjoy the best, than to buy delicious traditional organic treats instead of the additive-laden and hydrogenated fat-filled modern equivalents?Hand-picked by us from specialist and organic producers the Organic Collection features delicious varieties of many products already traditionally enjoyed by those with a taste for the finer things in life.

The newest addition to our range are the delicious slow baked mince pies. Made in Scotland using the finest organic wheat and real British butter these are the tastiest mince pies we have tried. This year they will be available in both full size packs of six and mini pies in packs of nine.

From Italy we have sourced an authentic Cantuccini, a Chocolate chip Cantuccini and a traditional Panettone. These are not overly buttery or excessively-sweet but baked using only the finest organic ingredients to deliver sophisticated satisfaction. There are many ways to enjoy The Organic Collection, perhaps a Cantuccini and coffee on Christmas morning? Panettone as a lighter alternative to mince pies? From France we bring you the finest traditional Organic Chestnuts, Chestnut puree and spread. These are perfect for stuffings, puddings and other home made treats. For those who find Christmas cake too rich try Organic Collection range of delicious buttery biscuits, choosing from Galettes, Gallettes fines and Petit Beurre or the more modern but just as delicious French Almond and Lemon cookies and Double Chocnut Cookies.  Also from France, and ideal for those who don’t want to overdo the alcohol or as a kids treat, there are two Organic Sparkling juices from Brittany in Raspberry or Blueberry flavour. Really a taste of celebration! A perfect grown up stocking filler is a rare Organic Nougat de Montelimar. This is packed with goodness, honey and almonds.

Alternatively if you prefer the Spanish Turron (similar to nougat with its nuts and honey) – we have two Organic varieties the hard (Alicante) and soft (Jijona). These really are an outstanding traditional treat and need to be tasted to be appreciated.  Finally anyone who has visited a Christmas Market knows that the German people know a thing or two about Christmas treats, and we have picked the best Organic varieties available with Stollen, Mini Stollen and a truly wonderful Lubecker Honey Marzipan – not too sweet and with a lovely texture and no additives this is made by a manufacturer dating back as far as 1848. 

So why not cherry pick the finest treats this year for pure organic indulgence with a European flavour?



Contact Tracy Wright Marketing Manager on 01189238763 for further information, to arrange photographs or for samples.