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Chestnuts processed direct from harvest

Our chestnuts are from the Ardèche, the most famous chestnut area in Europe, gathered from over 90 organic growers and co-ops. Chestnut trees require an acidic and chalk-free soil and grow best at a slight altitude. The Ardèche provides optimum conditions and Chestnut trees were planted here as far back as Roman times although the modern groves date back to the middle ages – when chestnuts were a vital winter food and commonly known as “arbre à pain” (bread tree), with chestnuts in flour, soups and dishes.


Our chestnuts are harvested and processed only once a year during the autumn with the harvest occurring in stages across the province depending on latitude and altitude. We use several different chestnut varieties which are cooked whole on a fire with the outer skin removed by hand, after which the chestnut is placed in boiling water and the inner skin removed with jet sprays – an essentially artisanal process that aims to preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of the chestnut.

We vacuum-pack chestnuts whole which preserves them perfectly or offer the chestnut in a thick puree and also supply the typical French chestnut spread that is used in desserts and in the pancake stalls and celeries throughout France. They are also perfect ingredients for stuffings and Christmas puds.

Organic Chestnuts

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