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Tuscan Cantuccini

The Organic Collection of biscuits introduces a range of Continental fine food biscuits to the UK market under one branding, the common thread being one of quality and taste.

We use factory-scale bakeries that have rigorous production procedures but also have a strong tradition of quality in their selection of ingredients and in their processes.

Cantuccini are the most famous biscotti, originally from Tuscany and dipped into vino santo, a sweet after dinner or dessert wine.  They are equally good with espresso.   The classic recipe is with almonds but there are newer flavours, perhaps the most popular of which is chocolate chip – these are the two types we offer.

Our bakery is large enough to be professional (as there are potential hazards with biscuits that need a highly professional approach) and small enough “to care”.

Biscotti means twice cooked, a batter is made in one long slab, rolled and baked once, then cut into individual cookies and cooked a second time. The longer the second cooking, the harder the biscuit, which of course is what preserves them with no need for artificial additives.
A perfect coffee-time treat.

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