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Turronslowly pounded in giant mortars
Jijona, in the Province of Alicante off Spain’s coastline is a small town with a sweet reputation; it’s famous across Spain and beyond for turron. Turron is traditionally consumed at Christmas and is basically a slab of confectionary that is made with a combination of nuts, chocolate, eggs and of course sugar. There are all sorts of turron but the two most classic turron, originating in Spain’s moorish past, are almond-based, a soft halva-like paste and a hard nougat – and it is these two varieties which are offered in the Organic Collection.
The almonds are from local orchards and our turron contains a very high quotient of almonds as well as locally-sourced organic honey. At production, the almonds are first toasted for 40 minutes and then placed in large mixing bowls with a paste of sugar, honey and egg white. This mixture is partly blended and partly ground to break the almond into pieces. The soft turron is then pounded for two hours to achieve a smooth soft crumbly paste, excess oil is filtered out and the product is then machine-cut and wrapped in a vacuum-tight package. The hard turron is not pounded but removed, shaped by hand into rectangular bars and allowed to cool before packing.


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